Digit IT is the name of fame. We are famous in the industry for offering digital embroidery and vectorizing. Transforming of your artwork into an artistic style and the format of the embroidery is only done by the modern embroidery machines. It is called digitizing. We complete this process in the professional way. We know how to design your given products because our experts know how to finish the process by hand. Our team work without auto-conversion and auto-digitizing. We are the name of the excellence. We are a dependable company that offers you wonderful services of digitizing and vectorizing. No doubt it is a collaborative effort. It needs special expertise for raising the worth of your brand among the rivals. For their clients we offer plenty of services We always start the process to complete the design by digitizing it by hand. This is our way to offer you the best quality. We know the worth of your money and time. We provide the formats including CSD, PCD, PEC, JEF, SEW, EMB, DSZ, CND, DST, TAP, EMT, KSM, DSB, EXP, PCS AND PES.


Left Chest Logo


Cap Digitizing


Raster to Vector


Jacket Back Digitizing

Gloves Digitizing

Let the Gloves get your hands engaged in great deeds! Gloves Digitizing is a world-renowned apparel and branding technique made from personal or professional embroidery gloves.

Puff Digitizing

3D Puff Digitizing is widely used in the digitization of custom has. It makes a prominent design that even distantly stands out. The magic behind the stunning creation lies in the use of foam as a base during the embroidery.

Hat Digitizing

Due to the curved nature of the cap, the digitization of the caps is performed slightly differently and the seams are compensated for the curved shape of the cap expertly.

Towel Digitizing

Towel Digitizing is a common art for all age groups of sewing innovative designs and towel puffs. In addition, this artistic work is commonly used for marketing purposes in various advertising clothing products.

Logo Digitizing

Digitizing a logo is a professional process in which you convert your logo to a computerized embroidery format. Will be able to stitch your logo on caps, coats, t-shirts, bags, etc.

Sleeves Digitizing

Side sleeve digitization is one of the most modern technologies in the industry that focuses primarily on the designs and artwork to be imprinted on the sleeves. We have the most amazing and master digitizers.

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You guys are awesome on embroidery project. Thanks so much for excelent services.
Mind Vest Stitchery
Digit-it is always available when you need, excellent turnaround time, good work guyz.
Sunshine Advertisers.
Digit-it has been great to work with! They do an excellent job of digitizing, and they have a quick turnaround.
Tammy & Carla inc.