Left Chest Logo


Misaligned left chest logo is one of the major complaints that the majority of the people have with the embroidery companies. We Work with the modern tools of the decorated apparel applications. We use the modern ways that will make your work perfect and accurate. The casual polo shirts with these left chest logos have superb, dynamic, sophisticated and decent color combination and contrast. Each shirt in the collection is presented in different colors to meet the needs of the clients. It is affordable but it is of good quality and stylish. No doubt these are suitable for casual wear in a reasonable price. We use the designs that improve the look of the attire. We offer left chest logo for shirts and other promotional uniform and clothing attained through cutting edge technology of embroidery digitizing.

”  The digitizing Industry is popular in the world due to many reasons. Offering plenty of benefits to the modern users due to the wonderful technology it is an ultimate source of getting fame. At Digit It, you can get the best embroidery services of innovative style. We are offering plenty of services for our clients. Due to online services, we are easy to access. You can avail our services 24/7. “

Digitizing is the indispensable foundation of all embroidered designs. In essence, digitizing is the sophisticated method of converting printed design and text into embroidery format. The result of this conversion is based on the set of instructions that generates the embroidery machine to know what thread color to stitch and where to place each thread. It is very important to understand the basics of the digitizing field. We are well-furnished with the skilled and trained people who can understand imaging, text and graphics.

About Digitizing Service

Digitizing Considerations

Small components like small lettering and tiny graphics may retain their detail in printing. We do not embroider by removing small letters completely from design. For the excellent embroidery results, we always avoid text smaller as compared to the 25 points high and miniature graphics. Visors and Ball caps have much smaller stitching field that attire due to the height limitation inherent in all the items.

Cutting short of your paperwork with the help of the direct mailing procedure we make our contact easier. Our central goal is to improve the desires of the customers by giving high caliber of administrations. We convey amazing administrations in an auspicious way.


  • Offers the verification of the order details
  • Filling up all the order details by decreasing the paperwork
  • Count the bundles in a proper way
  • Adds bundle slips and proper facing
  • Facilitating the users with the packaging the mail in the USPS shipment
  • Loads the mail and delivers to the post office

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