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About Digit It

Hi there, we are a Digit Experts Custom Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Arts Conversion Company, We have been offering our Services to Uk, USA, Canada and France. It has been and always pleasure to turn your artwork, real images and sketches into your desired format of beautiful embroidery and vector art work.

We proudly offer our customers fastest turnaround time and best quality and services, guaranteed!. You can contact us through email or Skype for your queries and free quotes, our representative will shortly respond you. Highlight of our Services, We do not charge for edites or Rush orders.

Why Digit it

We give the embroidery digitizing quality that you want! Discount on jacket back logos, No charges for the rush jobs fast turnaround digitizing money back guarantee secure paypal payment.

Get satisfaction

Our team of professional digitizers with more than 15 years of experience would like to offer you the best digitizing services with at a very reasonable price.


We always digitize every design with hand to produce best quality that our customers deserve. This process requires professionally trained and highly skilled digitizer, They understand your need and gives you finest quality in advised time frame.


Take a moment to view some of our latest work. While most of the embroidery below were design by us from the ground up, we experience a wide range of involvement with our clients embroidery. We do everything.

Digit It